The curves are showing up!

Our Thanksgiving travel plans were canceled at the last minute, due to some family health concerns. So we were home for the long weekend, which gave me lots of time to continue working on the plug!

The hot wire cutter is still working well, I’ve only had to replace the stainless steel wire one time so far. I put together a short video of the cutter in action.

I’m a little cramped for space with such a big project in the works, so I move the velomobiles out of the workshop to provide some working space.

It was raining outside so I set the velomobiles out with their hoods on. I had to bring the WAW in to the workshop to check some measurements, and saw the amount of rain that gets into each velomobile with a simple rain. The Milan is less watertight, and this explains why I want to go with the WAW design for the hood, rather than the Milan. Put together a quick video showing the differences.

Checking a few dimensions again, and Socks is making sure I don’t forget any 😉


I haven’t had any design ideas rattling around in my head about the design of the nose, other than it needed to be shorter and give better visibility over the nose. I was just letting it show up after working on the sides and toe bumps.

I wanted to see how the nose would look once done, and I didn’t want to go through the effort of taking the plug off the workstand.

So I set my horizontal 80/20 pieces 4.5″ lower than the plug bottom. That is the height of the empty WAW. I then wrapped string back and forth across those 80/20 pieces, and laid 4 coroplast signs on top of the string, to create my ground level.


I had already decided that I wanted to add about 2″ to the front of the plug, and I wasn’t happy with the look of the lower section of the nose, so I removed two foam layers off the nose, and glued three blocks of foam onto the front.

Then I wire cut a chunk off the lower part of the nose, and glued 3 foam pieces on. I did some cutting with the wire cutter to bring it to what you see below. I will be sanding and shaping more this morning. You can see my note for the Boom centerline; the nose will line up with the boom (bottom bracket support) . I am going to check with local metal fabricators about making a boom for me out of Chromoly (less side to side flex) instead of the aluminum one that Katanga uses. And ideally I’ll be able to direct airflow back to me through the boom.


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