Designing for the rear suspension

I ordered a rear suspension kit from Katanga, to install on the Zephyr. The suspension was designed as an upgrade/retrofit for the WAW. It moves the rear axle rearward by about 2 inches, using a virtual pivot design. The kit arrived mostly assembled, and the small bolts were taped in the hole for shipping. The kit also includes a very nice fiberglass template, shaped to snap over the rear of the WAW body so you drill the mounting holes in the proper positions.

Rear suspension kit for the WAW, uses a mountain bike inspired air shock.

Obviously the fiberglass template won’t work exactly that way for me since the shape on the Zephyr will be different. But I need to make sure that the rear bulkhead is wide enough at the mounting areas.

I made a mock-up of the rear bulkhead of the WAW, so I could mount the suspension kit and make sure my measurements and clearances are correct. Here is a close-up photo of the lower mount area. You can see the drop out slots


And the full install


The components are very well made; the upper mount is all carbon fiber, very rigid and secure, and some great work to lay up the carbon fiber in one piece of fabric, no relief cuts. (I was still installing at time of this photo, that exposed bolt at the lower edge of the photo inserts in that hole next to it).


I will be using Katanga’s suggestion and going to a narrower rear wheel. I did want to switch to a 622 size rear wheel since there are far more quality road bike tires available in that size, but the top of the suspension kit with a 559 wheel installed shows me that, I’m gonna have to stay with 559. I looked around the shop and found a brand new 32-559 Continental Contact Speed, which will most likely by the first tire I use. It’s mounted on the wheelset I removed from the Milan when I converted the Milan to a Rohloff. I haven’t completed my drive system test rides yet, so can’t have a wheel made for me just yet. But I will be going to tubeless wheels and tires.


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