Tail cone build, continued

I finished constructing this tail cone, and removed from the molds a couple days back. There are some spots where the resin stuck to the mold, and it was difficult to get it out of the mold, which means I caused some damage getting it out of the mold.

Because I was waiting on 2 ounce fiberglass cloth to show up in that backorder, I built this piece without the layer of FG cloth. The FG cloth would have prevented some of the damages. And I’m sourcing a different release agent, recommended by another builder. I’m waiting for that before I build a nose cone.

I did place this tail cone onto the Zephyr plug, even though the recessed area hasn’t been fully created yet; it fits nicely. The line that is formed between lower and upper section was sanded down, so I don’t cut my hands on rough edges. On the finished piece that would be covered by reflective tape:


The access panel areas came out of the mold fine, so I’m pleased with that. I purchased a couple sets of automotive style plastic attachment clips, and was planning on using some to attach the access panel. I’m not confident that these clips will keep the access panel attached during bumpy or fast rides. I’ve figured out how to attach them using neodymium magnets instead. Will build up and test that soon.


And I installed the brake/turn lights, just to insure they were reasonably parallel to each other; they aren’t connected to a power supply, that’s the flash of the camera lighting them up.


I didn’t weigh this piece and don’t plan to. This piece is nice and strong, but it could be lighter in weight. I’ll use some lighter weight CF on the final, less resin, etc, slightly different approach to the lay up. Final piece should be lighter weight.

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