Progress continues

While moving things around in the workshop I dropped my beloved Foredom tool. It broke the plastic connector that attaches the drive shaft and housing to the motor. An inexpensive part, $3.84, but I didn’t have a spare on hand, so I couldn’t use the tool.

I put an order in with Foredom for that part (and two spares), as well as some grinding wheels for their mini angle grinder and some other parts. The part that I broke is at the lower left.

Parts and supplies for the Foredom tool.

So while waiting for parts to arrive I changed direction a bit and cleaned and waxed the nose and tail molds. I also prepared the molds for the access panel covers, along with the molds for the camera tower. The tower I was using was damaged in the crash last September. Might as well make a new one in the same gel-coat color as the Zephyr.

Waxing and preparing the molds; oval shaped are for the access panel covers.

The camera tower will still be bolted onto the Zephyr. My initial plan to attach the access covers was to use some automotive style trim connectors, but I didn’t find any that I liked, they all seemed clunky. I’ve changed my mind and will use neodymium magnets bonded into the tail cone, and I cut a thickness gage into smaller pieces. I’ll vacuum bag these parts to insure the metal pieces are well seated.

I’m going to use these thin pieces of metal embedded in the access panel covers .007″ thickness

I’ve developed some tennis elbow/tendonitis in my right elbow from all the waxing and buffing, but at least this spreads the task out over a while. The molds are all waxed and prepped now, and stored in clean plastic bags in the house, away from all the dust!

The main body is closer to being ready to make molds. I’m doing “fine tuning” now, grinding a little here, a little there, making sure nose and tail cones fit well onto the body. Here the nose and tail are propped up in place (makes me smile to imagine it completed!) I should be ready to start making pieces in about two weeks!

Nearly ready with the main body. Tail and Nose propped up in place

Wheel wells are complete and need another coat of gray gel-coat. Nearly there!

Wheel wells are nearly done.

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